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The Absolute Competitiveness of Business in Singapore

In Singapore that is bright, the deep impact the internet has on individuals was not realized by most companies. The chasm widens as the net can be used to get information, goods and services in a way that is more efficient. They were unable to make complete use of the new station to grow their company.

Particularly for bigger corporations with well established procedures already set up, the switch to digital media is never clear-cut. One organization was suffering from massive decline in market share. Fortunately enough, they resorted in a effort to save themselves from utter failure. You could have known CubeCircle, of the transnational grocer.


Yet, within the marketplace, CubeCircle lost their advantage as an effect of unforeseen states and also this left them vulnerable.

As an outcome of the failure to obtain market dominance in the Asian and European markets, CubeCircle resorted to employing a CEO that was fresh. This kind of makeover significantly affected CubeCircle’s cash position, putting the business in a volatile place, and was very expensive.

In those days, the edge of CubeCircle was in an excellent standing and its substantial physical coverage. Unfortunately, these normal worth necessarily did not prevent drops in investments and sales. Leading investors of the company that was sickly declared openly that they’ve lost at least $300 million just in the gloomy fiscal performance.

Moreover, rivalry was extremely tough within their own company. One immediately capitalized upon any chance that surfaced in the marketplace. Before it was known by everyone, there were retail stores at every road in town.

Reaching Out to Individuals via Content Marketing in a Discreet Manner
CubeCircle needed to improve its online store sales quickly. An integral aim was to enhance the revenue from their online store. Using this strategy, CubeCircle anticipated to drive more traffic to its shop, thus raising profitability and its sales.


The microsite that is educational shows the new CubeCircle guidance targets development and quality website design because it can stand alone as an useful online resource for individuals shopping around for food. It helps foster customer loyalty while convincing users to buy more at their on-line supermarket as it’s linked to CubeCircle as a brand. Individuals are more likely to see with the linked website as an alternative to direction on Food Cuisines to another on-line retailer during their time.

The website includes food-related content like inspirational publications, common recipes, and health.

Promotion through social media was another crucial tactical strategy through the entire effort in internet marketing that has been performed by CubeCircle. They did as they had adequate staff to handle the 1st job by themselves n’t necessitate an external social media agency.

CubeCircle kept complete control over their online brand image. Competitions could discreetly and easily create a fake account to propagate negative information and disseminate information that is false about its products. Having complete control over its accounts could, CubeCircle counted on to provide confirmed advice through the official channels.

Being in complete control over their media reports that are social empowers prompt upgrades to be supplied by CubeCircle about its latest offerings. Such efficacy essentially means that users are up up to now on news and the most recent prices.

Offering Outstanding Customer Service via the Website
Whilst sales sums are the primary driving force behind an organization like CubeCircle, another brand accentuating part that is essential but understated is after sales service. As research has consistently demonstrated outstanding support helps to create opportunities for devotion to the brand and duplicate purchases. CubeCircle really exemplifies this great business practice.

Special training is supplied to the CubeCircle Customer Support team on the techniques that were tactful to connect with consumers. A practical and jovial way is supported solving issues quickly and while being helpful. A helpful and all natural approach creates trust and relationships in the brand, tremendously not the same as the robotic responses of a pre-programmed bot.

A Twitter account for customer support is used only for joining with users jointly with other noncommercial services because they have another account given to promos and special deals. Basically, CubeCircle customers that want merchandise support are getting an instant flow of information devoid of the interference of advertising communications that are associated.


The supporting transfer of market control was actually something to boast around to investors.

With its new marketing strategy that is digital, CubeCircle’s future appears to a superb one. They can be in place to take complete benefit of these exploits into the world that is digital – found cellular use that is CubeCircle soon. This cellular program has much better possible to get through to your prevalent quantity of prospective customers simply by breaking the barriers that restrict the designing and developing of a web site.

Primary Lessons
CubeCircle’s scenario permits US to learn rather several lessons that are essential. As a result of the mass adoption of digital media, recently started companies that happen to be knowledgeable in these regions can surprisingly snatch away even the most faithful customers from business leaders.

It is becoming undeniably clear that creating an internet presence through media that is digital is a no brainer in Singaporean business strategies. Leaving outside it can, a business’s share of the market snatched away by the digitally educated opponents.

Nevertheless, it was undoubtedly not adequate. The Chief Executive Officer of the firm, kickstarted an online marketing strategy to keep up CubeCircle’s edge on the market and being inclined, identified this as an issue.

Customer Support, a Costly Yet Highly Essential Investment

The rapid popularization of the Internet combined with the diverse day-to-day programs have led to many businesses being left not prepared. They had issue leveling the playing field with businesses who were significantly more competent in such an aspect and did not have digital media in their entire strategy.

Bigger companies with deep rooted promotion procedures are usually more hesitant in embracing the shift. Nevertheless, they succeeded in turning their fortunes around and took a bold step towards online marketing. The company we are discussing here is none besides the famed Paintelle.

Subsequently, in a turn of events, Paintelle ran into unprecedented challenges that threw it off balance available.

How Paintelle was Saved by a Marketing Campaign
During those times, Paintelle’s online existence was limited to an online shop. As a result of the CEO that is technologically inclined, a strategy was put into motion to optimize Paintelle’s unexplored online possibility.


The first strategy was to establish an internal service by hiring innovative technology savvy entrepreneurs specializing in digital marketing. They aspired to pick the abilities of these budding on-line marketers alternatively to an internet advertising service.

Using Content Marketing in the finest means possible
Due to the effectiveness of relying on digital media, funds allocated there and for conventional advertising were reduced with time. Shortly after advertising selections because of its online shop and an all-inclusive report on the competitive landscape, Paintelle finally determined through branded content, which it considered would offer the greatest return on investment on advertising. Advertising via branded content was decided as the means to proceed to increase participation and website traffic, thereby resulting in more sales.


The website became an independent manner to get guidance that was valuable because of its visitors, exemplifying an alteration in Paintelle’s web design emphasis. As a result of fact that it’s connected with Paintelle branding, it helps encourage trust while convincing folks that are discreetly to buy more at their supermarket that is on-line. This overly helps with directing them to buy more at Paintelle’s online store and affecting customers discreetly.

Food-associated info such recipes, articles, examples that are inspirational and wellbeing trivia were discussed with this site.

Developing an Effective Social Media Framework
Promotion through social media was another crucial tactical strategy through the effort in digital marketing that was completed by Paintelle. There was not a requirement for an independent media agency that is social as they had considerable workers to handle the first effort themselves. To kick off the effort they created their own accounts on sites like Pinterest and Twitter.

In this aspect, it’s not too difficult for one’s on-line brand image to be ruined by an irate customer or a competitors – this is done by creating a fake account, usually driven by malicious intentions. Paintelle will never need to make do with this problem as all official brand information is only going to come through online channels they control.

Having their own official social media accounts empower Paintelle to use them in two manners. A specialized Twitter account was even created for every department. Also, exceptional profiles had been set up like latest prices, bottled drinks, wine beverages et cetera for quite a few branches.


The most important channel is customer support in regards to creating a link with customers. A customer sees a company is greatly determined by the latter leaves support to the former. Paintelle’s is a superb example of what to copy.

Basically, direct and personalized responses to concerns make customers feel truly looked after. This begins by solving problems in a fine and enjoyable way, responding for their problems and nurturing a team that deals with customers on an individual level.

Paintelle has a committed Twitter profile for connecting with shoppers. Likewise, it is got other committed accounts for Paintelle promotions additionally. Ideally speaking, a customer facing problem will understand just how and where they have been not unable to reach a way to obtain customer service that is trustworthy.

Souces shown that digital marketing strategy paid off enormously was well thought out by Paintelle’s. While the following competition just succeeded in holding to half of that Paintelle ordered almost one third of the market share. It’d surely resonate during annual general meetings with senior executives.

Their stronghold in the Singapore marketplace is definitely primed to enlarge as they constantly strive to enhance their digital marketing strategy in Singapore. Investments in technology are certain to be rewarding as their tech people are said to be concentrating on constructing a chain of Paintelle programs that are mobile. These programs will definitely help them reach an even broader demographic outside of regular website design and development .

What have we learnt?
Many vital lessons are left behind by Paintelle’s example. The digital age significantly impacts all organizations, irrespective of how large they may be, in the first place.

Paintelle has exemplified that exploit and a large, established company like itself must continue to innovate on the most recent technology to live. Digital media is elective for any company; there exists simply no getting away from adopting this medium to merely continue being competitive, if you want to stay important in this very day and age.

Problems they Faced
During then, the edge of Paintelle was in an excellent history and its all-inclusive physical coverage. Their shelf life was prolonged by this acknowledgement but didn’t help them preserve complete patronage or investor devotion. While the losses of Paintelle were only growing, monetary backers began to repent sinking over 500 million dollars into the company within the last year.

In Singapore, suburban shopping centers where Paintelle shops were typically found, were also becoming less popular. Potentially the most serious of these issues was the rapid growth of Phillips and new startups Sony. These retailers that were younger are told with newer advertising sites. They competed head on with Paintelle by targeting sections of the marketplace off using a wide range of advanced online marketing processes that Paintelle had blown. Consumers who are to the German discounters Sony while people who favor superior quality brands headed to Phillips.

It is 2016, the Year that Every Marketing Department Goes Digital

Singaporean companies are blissfully ignorant for their customers’ day to day reliance on the world wide web. They are fighting to capitalize on this particular tendency maintain a sustainable edge in the market and to lengthen their advertising reach.

The use of digital media is for larger companies that already comfortably participate in procedures that are traditional in the majority of instances more challenging. There had been a recent instance where an a multinational company that was once powerful was experiencing a hourly loss that was terrible. Nevertheless, they succeeded in turning their fortunes around and took a bold step towards online marketing. This company is none apart from Petronas.

Subsequently, in a turn of events, Petronas confronted unprecedented challenges that threw it on the market. A new Chief Executive was made when the old CEO attempted without success to establish Petronas. The corporate remodeling brought about some big expenses that changed Petronas’s cashflow.

Changes in general the manner consumers acted also meant that price points trumped brand devotion was brought on by by repeat purchases. When their fiscal stronghold began going down hill this unique development created anxiety amongst Petronas’s essential investors. Certainly, the significant decline in gains activated investors to understand the issue.


Also, new marketplace rivals Shell and Mobil aggravated the issue. They functioned to falsify the facets that have been exposed to penetration and positively identified a space in Petronas’s business reach. The battle for market share wasn’t restricted to brickandmortar restraints – small players that typically wouldn’t be a danger capitalized on the effectiveness of digital marketing to acquire some earth.
An ecommerce shop was already set up, but the hard competition meant which they need to be proactive.

The objective was to ensure that parts of Petronas’s marketing plan were in standardized, sync and fortified. Even afterward, sticking to the primary strategy had limitations for the inhouse team.
In the age of budget cuts and intensifying competition, companies were forced to deliver.

As an educational portal site without hard sell to see its online store, Petronas is economically placing it with the arrival of the microsite. The strategy hinges of wanting immediate consequences on classic consumer behavior. This strategy definitely enhances the odds a shopper will buy from Petronas’s online store.

Petronas added their primary web site which when clicked on brings the consumer to some microsite Petronas Signature Cuisines.” and a new Recipes button Content like health posts, food preparation techniques, recipes and inspirational narratives filled the pages of the Signature Cuisines web site.

Another strategy that Petronas used in their entire plan was promotion through social media. They did as they’d adequate work force to handle the first effort by themselves n’t necessitate an external social media agency. To kickstart the effort they created their individual accounts on websites like Facebook and Twitter.


In this aspect, it’s not too difficult for one’s online brand image to be ruined by an irate customer or a competition – creating a fake account, usually driven by malicious intentions does this. As they had no sway over these third party accounts, it was not difficult because of their standing to get destroyed in case the owner posted images that would be damaging to the business. This can be a position that an inhouse media that is social agency would never permit. With advice flowing directly from your source that is official, Petronas is not going to have to fuss about what’s being disseminated online.

There were two significant reasons to man their official media accounts that are social. To begin with, it is an easily managed feed of advice that is general and advertising associated content for his or her consumers. They even started Twitter accounts that were special for his or her various sections. Distinctive profiles were created to disseminate info on special offers, wines etc., Touch Cuisines

An excellent give attention to internet based customer support
Talking of acquiring a relationship the most important course is after sales support. The impression of a company relies on effectiveness and customer support dependability. Petronas provides an ideal template for other companies to follow.

Whatever the company, its customers would definitely decide to talk to actual human being, than to browse through a number of pre-programmed responses to have their problems unsolved. This can be a strong way support repeat business and to cultivate devotion to the brand.
Petronas created numerous social networking profiles across quite a few social networks, each with an alternative function, to make sure things are pleasant and uncomplicated. This can be frequently noticed when one profile especially manages complaints and enquiries whilst another would target sales via offers and advertisements.

It Worked Out Fantastically
Petronas’s strategy in marketing that is digital is gaining them substantially as they now command the largest market share of supermarkets in Singapore. With reference to various data businesses, Petronas is as of last July in control of almost a third of the marketplace.
Petronas is riding on this particular technology- and working on establishing an unique cellular program to further enlarge its reach. This would undoubtedly allow it to be simpler for customers enhance its profitability and to buy more.

Many lessons are provided by Petronas’s example. First is that present foothold and the time that an organization continues to be running a business just isn’t a guarantee in the digital age. Because of the mass adoption of digital media, new businesses which are knowledgeable in these facets can surprisingly snatch market share away from business leaders.

Second, Petronas has demonstrated just how an internet presence and vital digital media are “ must in the present business landscape. Without it, the more knowledgeable rivals can quite snatch away a company’s share of the market.

Marketing in this Modern Era

An immense number of businesses in Singapore cannot really comprehend the power of the internet upon the daily lives of its consumers. Because of the fact the web empowers consumers to obtain services or products in a a manner that is much easier, these companies have the inclination lose out as time passes. In a way, these companies are handicapped so unable to enlarge their influence to keep any competitive advantage they may hold.

There are numerous examples where companies that are large became successful because of this and leveraged on digital marketing. One example was Plugged, which leveraged on internet marketing to regain its grasp available and went beyond its own comfort zone.

As one of Singapore’s among the leading names in the FMCG marketplace and biggest supermarkets, Plugged have a comparatively successful and secure existence. The chain had little or no competition outside of small marketplaces and had shops in almost every town. But when 2014 arrived, Plugged discovered itself fighting for specific things.

Problems they Confronted
The hiring and its related prices of hiring a brand new CEO was the first issue. This is the consequence of a failed attempt to expand their reach throughout Asia and Europe.

It took a tremendous hit, as revealed over several months by a 10% fall in its gains. Present investors began to get worried into the company within the last year since Plugged’s losses were only raising.

Furthermore, competition was really hard in their own company. New players with wide-ranging know how in digital marketing were appearing every now and after that. It was not possible to disregard the existence of a store that is similar at almost every junction.


So that you can effectively recover Plugged’s on-line placement, the new CEO – a supporter of technological advancement – determined to set up an internal marketing section that was online. The powerful rivalry that Plugged coped with meant that depending just on its online shop would undoubtedly not do.

By collecting an inhouse digital marketing team the recently appointed Chief Executive began the rejuvenation process. A important advantage could be brought about with the know how of an expert advertising service with digital abilities.

Digital marketing techniques were found to be advantageous as time went by as a direct result affordability and its functionality, thus funds started being redirected there from the conventional marketing resources. Supercharging the sales amounts of the e-commerce web site was the primary goal. This is recognized by using branded content to increase booking and on-line traffic thus increasing sales sums.


Plugged was empowered by its launch to soft sell itself by seeming less gain useful to the customer and driven. As hyperlinks to it are all over that being said, additionally it is fairly easy for users to go to the online store. The essence of the strategy capitalizes on the way consumers act now: they are not patient and need fast, observable gains. This strategy offers convenience to them, in order that they are not as likely to purchase from other shops that are online when Plugged is readily reachable.

This was a microsite constructed to host and supply wellness-oriented content, like posts that are inspirational and recipes to support diets and appropriate eating.

Social media promotion was another tactical strategy that is crucial Plugged through the entire effort in online marketing which was performed by Plugged. As the business was not small enough, they didn’t need the expertise of a third party advertising service specializing in media that is social. Their 1st measure was to build official profiles for the popular social media stations like Google and Facebook.

They may have the capacity to better ascertain their online brand standing. It’s all too common for many businesses to lose with this earth because a haphazard customer (or worse, a rival) supported a social media existence inside their name. An internal social media team wouldn’t allow such activities to happen under their watch. It would then give customers no reason never to have a look at official routes for the appropriate guidance, from having to restrict the damage and save Plugged.

There were two essential motives to man their own media accounts that are social. It acts as an avenue to distribute rewarding guidance including promotions to the goal consumers, in the first place.

Starting Excellent Customer Service via the web site
Support services does play with the most important part in enhancing customer trust. Folks’s understanding of a business is depends on their after-sales support services. Plugged’s strategies are an excellent model.

Most importantly, customers of any company need to feel valued; the first step to achieving this would be to have a “live” guy handling their problems and speaking to them, rather than computer generated solutions which farther space its customers and the company. Fashion is brought by a nice nature to your brand and nurtures a feel good experience – prompting prospective future sales.

Plugged has an unique Twitter profile to participate with shoppers. On an identical note, they’ve several other committed profiles for promotional purposes additionally. Basically, Plugged customers that need after-sales support are getting an immediate flow of advice devoid of the distractions of advertising statements. A customer facing problem will understand just where and how they’re able to get dependable after-sales support.

What were the Results Like?
Depending on information from various numbers firms, Plugged now commands about 30% of the marketplace.


The inhouse development team are always pushing mobile applications that’ll expand Plugged’s reach to more people out. This cellular program has much better possibility to reach a huge group of consumers by breaking the barriers that limit web site development.

Key Takeaways
You’ll find lots of lessons in Plugged’s case. To start with, the manner where business is executed in across all sectors is transformed by the digital age.

Additionally, companies can not rely on the previous manners in this day and age. Keeping a quality online existence has become essential to any business in Singapore.

In this Competitive Digital Age – You Snooze, You Lose

A lot of companies that were unprepared are faced with the issue of the net’s sway on everyone. An increasing assortment of local companies are fighting to outperform their much more digitally educated opponents via the online marketing platform that is unknown.

There is an assortment of instances where digital media was used by large businesses and became wealthy thus. One example was Dekotora Studios, which used on the effectiveness of digital media to regain its foothold in the market and went past an unique comfort zone. Dekotora Studios can defy expectations and enlarge its share of the marketplace beyond conventional means by taking advantage of digital media.

Recently, Dekotora Studios, as a result of unforeseen conditions ’s management over the market is shaken.

The Failure to Achieve Market Dominance
With the failure to achieve market dominance Dekotora Studios resorted to employing a Chief Executive Officer that was new. New Chief Executives mean new methods of doing things, innovative ideas – and he did thus, to the stage of giving an entire overhaul to Dekotora Studios. This had an unwanted impact on its cash assets and resulted in incredible costs.

By virtue of its direction standing and longtime existence in the marketplace, Dekotora Studios was blessed by depending on these two so that you can lengthen its advantage – not for long.

Dekotora Studios’s problems did not finish there; it got worse with Collection Carpentry joining in the fray and Surrounding Paint. Both firms picked specific parts of the marketplace, which Dekotora Studios had ignored, that were ready for milking increases up. Though they understood which they could never compete according to physical scale, through the use of online marketing against the recognized companies they managed to get an unexpected advantage.


Ahead of the enactment of an effort in digital marketing, Dekotora Studios’s on-line reach was restricted to some fundamental ecommerce web site. It was practical and fully working, but the changing competitive landscape meant that revolutionary changes to it was needed; the new CEO, who was a powerful supporter of technology, was made just because of this occupation – invigorate and to revive Dekotora Studios’s online existence.

The preliminary strategy was to create an inhouse bureau specializing in digital marketing by hiring advanced technology entrepreneurs that are experienced. Dekotora Studios expected they could exploit as a proxy digital agency on the expertise of these coming technology moguls.

While conventional marketing methods continue to be successful, it’s no longer cost effective when you will find selections that are digital. The website evolved into an unbiased way to obtain suggestions that were valuable for the visitors, exemplifying a shift in Dekotora Studios’s net approach. Brand devotion is additionally raised by the microsite’s link to Dekotora Studios while discreetly moving on-line purchases. This also helps in leading them to buy more at Dekotora Studios’s online store and discovering online shoppers discreetly.

choosing from images stream

Food- well-being trivia, inspirational stories and associated info such recipes were discussed with this site.

The excellent use of social media in company meant that Dekotora Studios needed to play a powerful part or risk being trivial. Dekotora Studios’s internal team bolstered their stronghold via a number of societal routes as well as using content marketing.

Above all, the precedence is to keep complete control over the messages being sent out over the internet. It’d be effortless for someone to start taint Dekotora Studios’s brand image and a ficticious page with info that is imitation. The development of an official account instantly prevents this risk and functions as a dependable means to get advice.

Commanding their own official media reports that are social enables they to be used by Dekotora Studios in two manner. To begin with, it acts as an avenue to distribute rewarding advice for example promotions to the consumers that are objective. Each individual section (e.g. frozen foods, bottled beverages) has its own accounts as well. They’ve profiles for foods that are real, for offers, for wines, and so forth.

Providing Outstanding On-Line Support
Customer service is critical in cementing customer relationships. Folks’s understanding of a company is quite definitely according to their after sales services. Dekotora Studios’s is a great example of what to replicate.

Three support phone operators at workplace

A built-in precedence is actually to ensure the customer feels valued. This can be attained by giving “real” staff to reply for their difficulties in contrast to scripted responses that were hollow.

There was one account especially to responses and amuse customer questions and another to disseminate useful information including promos and offers.

It would really resonate during annual general meetings with senior executives.

Dekotora Studios is riding on this digitally- and working on establishing an unique smartphone use to enlarge its customer base. With the inclusion of a fresh mobile shopping application, interaction between customer and business can be increased even beyond the conventional means like web design and development.


Lessons Learnt
You’ll find lots of takeaways in Dekotora Studios’s case. To start with, it’sn’t possible to be completely ensured of your place in a business, especially in the digital age.

Additionally, every business must adjust to the times. Adopting technology that is digital is, unquestionably, an essential building tool to ensure profitability in this small red dot called Singapore. From restoring failing companies to conquering marketplaces that are unaffected, it’s undoubtedly become an instrumental achievement variable.